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Aidan And Drew
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Keywords: Two 18 year old male college students, heterosexual buddies naked in shower, red headed eighteen year old guy, straight men on bed together jerking off, SDSU male students nude

Aidan, the red head on the left, and Drew, the goofball on the right, are two 18 year old freshman buddies from SDSU. Drew saw one of our ads for male models and told Aidan about it, then after Drew came in to test the waters, Aidan came back to do his audition that same day.

Drew is the playful sort with a comedic personality while Aidan is more of a ladies man who lives in the dorm and belongs to a fraternity. They make a cool yin and yang combination, and it's pretty easy to see how they could hang out in real life.

For this, though, they both showed up thinking it was going to be two separate solo shoots for the bedroom part, and of course, I wanted to make it a little more interesting than that. <G>

Watch as a I spring the offer on them for more than twice the pay to jerk off next to one another. They hem and haw for a bit, and Aidan doesn't seem like he's going to bite, so I change the amount to 5 times.

That's enough to make it worthwhile, but ultimately it doesn't go off as I proposed. The look of "oops, sorry" in Aidan's face has ya feeling for the kid at the end, but it's just temporary. As you'll see, the guys genuinely want to put on a good show. They come back a few weeks later to reshoot the finale.

So, check it out... it's got a few hiccups, but this is the first time these guys have done this. The sense of slight awkwardness in the shower yet the true earnestness of them wanting to do their best, even if it's something completely foreign to them, is both remarkable and inspiring... and hey, Aidan looks pretty nice naked, too. <g>

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