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Paul, Brett, and Dean spend the night!!! <g>

Ever have a sleepover in high school? You know, the early years where puberty had only started to kick in and dating was something you weren't quite yet doing. Well, you were but your best friend didn't really know it. Those were the days. <g>

Then, well, adulthood came onto the scene and that innocent playfulness went a little to the wayside. You matured, your best friend really started to date, and uh... guys didn't sleep over at other guys' houses anymore: that was too gay.

Well, sign me up as gay. <g> Conventional wisdom says that straight guys would never do the stuff they do do on SCM, so who has use for conventional wisdom anyway? If I wanna have a sleepover with real straight guys, why shouldn't I? And if they wanna show up, who's got the problem? Nobody! <g>

So, I told the guys my plan for a sleepover (and they never winced a bit).
At about 10PM, they arrived, ready for what the night may bring.

First up, DVD rental. We headed off to pick up a video and Brett manned the camera in the very dark car.

"I wanna see some pink tonight," Brett machismo'd as he joked about what film we should rent.

Back in the car after the selection was complete, "Hey buddies. I can't believe we got a movie. What'd we get? What'd we get? I can't wait to watch it... Hey I got some popcorn but I'm out of butter. Guys, wanna help me out?" Brett joked in a fever pitched voice. <g>

Boston Paul laughed in response, and I chimed in that it's cinnamon roll icing (not butter). They chuckled a bit about the activities to come, and Brett provided a deep throated voiceover, "This is what two manly studs look like when they just got a movie and they're ready to go back to the loft... Three guys, one movie, two worlds collided. Tonight we're going to make one of the best scenes of the year. Two thumbs up. I don't know where they're going, but they're going to be up..." <g>

Then, back at the loft, the guys domesticated themselves. To my declaration that we were going to prepare cookies, Boston Paul inquired, "Does anyone know how to bake?" <g>

"Ah. These are already pre-made. – He got the shit ones. – These are pre-made," he soon followed in his adorable I-could-eat-him-up accent and tone.

"Are you fucking kidding me? This kid cannot have this tonight. He will shit himself to death tonight. That's not happening. I quit if he does." Dean playfully countered when Paul pulled out the ready made brownies. <g>

Of course, while those two were preparing the baked goods, I found Brett who was getting dressed in his pajamas. He and I had a deep conversation about his really being straight, then well, deep thoughts quickly over, I shot the camera up his pants leg.

"I just wanna remind you. We're not fat."

"Well... what, are they a little big?"

"OK, they're a little big." I laughed.

"I only got, like, large."

But, upon further looking at the package, I found that it read "2X" large. <g>

I don't know how I managed to pick up the way-too-big size, but the combination of Brett and the huge pajamas was priceless. <G>

A conversation about Paul being nicer and the finishing up of the cookie baking soon followed. Brett and Paul discussed the people in their lives talking about the night's activities, too, and you just gotta love Paul's response to his woman, "Shut the fuck up. Now get out of here. Go to your room." <g>

No doubt about it. That boy is straight. <g>

A few minutes later, the guys were crawling into bed to start the movie. Paul and Dean were urging me to crank up the air conditioner while Brett was harassing them about wanting to lay skin-to-skin (after it got too hot under the covers). Of course, I think the real issue was that Brett had picked out the movie and the guys thought it stank.

What really stunk, though, was Paul's gas. <g>
"Smell that one folks," he said as he waved the blankets repeatedly in Brett's direction. We all laughed. <g>

A little later, I began with the night camera.

"That could be yours, in your mouth. That could be yours... in your mouth. In your mouth, America." It was too funny. <g>

Paul next slid off his pajama pants so they were down around his ankles.

"I can almost fuck myself in my asshole," he said while he goofily demonstrated.

Dean, meanwhile, was cracking up. "Oh my god... Look at this guy." <g>

And what happened next... well, you gotta watch the video to find out, but I can tell you it's been mentioned dozens of times in the loft since. In response to what transpired, Dean grabbed his blanket and laughed into it uncontrollably, and when he could breathe again, he told B.P., "I almost shit my pants..." – Of course, I was the brunt of the joke. <G>

What happened after that... well... you need to just watch the video. It's a lot funnier than reading about it, anyway. <g> Nearly half an hour remains and if you've seen any SCM video, you know LOTS can happen in half an hour.

Damn. I love my "where the fuck is this? the middle of no where" job! <G>


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