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That was the sound Jack made while doing this pose. Damn was that hot.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started my shoot with Jack. I'd seen solo jerk off videos before (duh!) and I'd taken a few notes about what I liked (having a personality with the face), but I'd only scouted the outdoors location earlier that same day and I'd never seen a straight guy jerk off live in front of me before while I was manning a video camera. Was I doing it right? Did I have the frame correct? Was the video camera recording? Yep. <g>

I could've improved a few things like the mic level and all that, but I got the important part and I fixed most of what I did wrong. The result: one hot ass video.

Jack and I start out in the park where he told me about himself, like how he used to be a stripper, about jerking off, etc.

We then headed back to my place where he talked some more and ended up taking a shower.

He looked so fuckin' adorable with the suds in his hair smiling. It was all I could do not to just reach out and grab his massive dick. I resisted (but I said "Yikes" when I first saw it. It was THAT big.).

After the shower, we headed back into my living room where Jack got on the couch and started watching straight porn while I stood behind the camera watching. He had no problem getting it up and stroking it.

It was so freakin' hot. I'm telling you. I was like, "Damn, what a job I have." Seeing him pull on his massive meat while looking at me/the camera. I kept going in the kitchen or the other room just so I could jerk my own cock out of his view.


That was one freakin' fun first day of work. <g>

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