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It sure beats flipping burgers. ;-)

Welcome to my little underground lair.

Here you'll find the best All American (Go AMERICA!) Straight College Men Jerking off on video while I man the camera.

Real dudes, no actors, no cheesy music.
Just the camera. the straight dude, and me.


Last Updated: October 8, 2004

Auditions Last Added: October 21, 2004

Ever have a sleepover in high school? You know, the early years where puberty had only started to kick in and dating was something you weren't quite yet doing. Well, you were but your best friend didn't really know it. Those were the days. <g>

Then, well, adulthood came onto the scene...

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5'10", 5'8", 5'11" - 26, 27, 24 Years Old
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown & Hazel
Interesting Fact: Sleepover At The Loft

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