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Trevor: 19, size 14 shoes, and an amazing hairy ass. <g>

Normally, a lot of phone tag is involved in getting a new guy for the site. Usually, he'll call, I'll explain what it's all about, and then he'll say he has to think about it or he'll call the next day or something like that. With Trevor, his first call was the only one. I gave him the rundown, and we met up half an hour later for the audition video. <g>

I still wasn't quite sure on my feet filming it and I was worried he was going to discover the hidden camera like Eddie had, but it went off fine... he went off fine, and I knew the next SCM model was in the making.

When we were done with the audition, we talked about if he wanted to continue, becoming a exclusive model. He said he had an appointment to speak with someone else later in the week, but he wouldn't go. He liked the vibe of the place and me too. That sounded great. <g>

And so, a few days later, I had him sign an exclusivity contract and we began the interview. Before we started, he again confirmed that he'd met with no one else to do anything similar. Trevor was all SCM, all ours. <g>

So we began the shoot, me getting a feel for the new space, and yet at the same time, being remarkable comfortable shooting the questions indoors. It was a little echoy, as the space is large and still needing furniture, but the security of being inside, for both me and Trevor, more than made up for the lack of outside scenery. We got going, and a lot of his personality began coming out, much more than the audition had revealed. At that, I was elated: The combination of auditions and SCM's bread and butter was gonna work! <G>

Trevor talked about his 6'2" stature and his size 13/14 shoes. Volleyball and basketball were his high school sports, and indeed, he later said he met his roommates playing volleyball for his college.

When he said he worked at a gas station currently, I harassed him about maybe someone seeing him, like a celebrity sighting. And when I asked him how the girl he's going out with now would react to his new job, he said "She's kinda like the prude type... she wouldn't think so great of it." and laughed. <G>

His nineteen year old naivity, the positiveness in his every utterance, was so remarkably cool. I was smiling from ear to ear the whole interview and I couldn't even count the number of smiles I got during editing.

When I asked him if he'd ever messed around with a guy, his answer had me cheesing like the cheshire cat. Telling me he hadn't ever even thought about it came off as the gayest thing he'd ever said. His slight lisp, which I later busted him on when he was talking about his roommate's, combined with a valley guy sorta "like NEVER" type of attitude was just too funny. I mean, I know he was telling me the truth, but it was cute-to-the-wazoo ironic.

Another adorably cute thing he kept doing was impersonating people. "And most girls are like, at my age, they're like, 'I don't know about that'" when talking about anal sex. The impersonation was just so adorably cute and big little kid like. <G>

Threesomes, trying to get the girls to kiss first, and sex in the smoothie shop with one of his ex-girlfriends continued the conversation.

"Because, uh you know, guys are cool with you know seeing that shit but girls are like, 'What did you do?'

You know (they say) 'Why did you do that?'

"It was not my idea."

Impersonating his roommates and their responses as he told them about doing the video, I couldn't stop smiling. He was so adorably young and cute.

Telling me about his other roommate who he thought was gay, and his listing of the qualities which indicated that he was gay, was amazingly cute, too. A straight guy, telling me the qualities that made another guy gay, while simultaneously speaking in valley speak with a slight lisp. Dang. I could eat him up! <G>

In the shower, it took me a bit to get my footing, so there are a couple awkward cuts in the video, but Trevor had no problem doing his part. Showing off his butt, just like in the audition video, didn't phase him. And the water flowing over his ample pubes was a pretty amazing sight as well.

As he sat on the edge of the bed a few minutes later, I told him to sit back and relax. By the time I got the camera moved over to the end of the bed a few second later, he was already hard. <g>

Then, knowing he wasn't quite ready for me to grab him in a purely sexual context but that I could get away with posing him, I moved his knee up into place by grabbing his leg and twisting.

That done without incidence, I knew I could go a bit further. His dick down between his legs, I went in to adjust it. I first spread his butt cheeks then moved down to his hard dick. I pulled his cock back, one hand still on his ass, then went back to the camera to adjust the angle.

I again spread his butt so his hairy ass crack and hole were visible. His dick twitched and I reached down once again to pull it out for a better viewing.

Laying on the bed, his ability to cum in 4.5 seconds was causing him to slow down as it had done in the audition video. I, however, saw it as an opportunity to pose. Posing with his ass in the air, "as though there were a girl underneath." -- And of course, I had to show him how to put his dick exactly right. <G>

Of course, the most sexually charged moment was when I put the camera in a first person point of view. I layed it on his chest, my hand between the camera and him, resting on his nicely toned, warm pecs. Dick on camera, extended touch on his chest. Damn.

OH! -- Just go ahead and watch the video, already! <g> You know what he's gonna do to finish up. -- No, nothing that extreme... gotta get him comfortable first. <G>

Now sign up and watch it! We gotta pay the rent on this new place if you wanna keep the boys cumming... and cumming... and cumming. <G>

Have I mentioned I love my job lately? Damn. 19 year olds are fun! <G>


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