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A giant ball proves scarier than cum. <g>

Like I said before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the 6th Anniversary Shoot, and I continued to be surprised as each day passed. Ashton, who I'd envisioned to be the guide for how the new guys should be brave and behave, moved to the background after a less-than-impressive performance for the entirety of Day One, and on Day Two the guys pushed themselves to their cum-swallowing limits in their quest for the prize. Cole, who most reeled from the intensity of the "not so straight things"™, was fairly resolved after Day One to last place and yet he didn't bail or ask to leave.

Rhett and Kevin continued to up each other's game in the search for first place, and Morris was right there behind them ready to do whatever they would do. Nathan was pushing himself hard, too, and while he wasn't at the level of the other three, his being a heterosexual virgin made his actions all the more amazing.

Yet, I worried about the guys after Day Two. When we finished filming Day Two in the tiny houseboat bedroom at around 2:30 in the morning, the guys were covered in sweat and had done things they'd never even fathomed doing a few days earlier. They had pushed themselves incredibly hard and done so on hardly any sleep from the night before. I knew from experience that too much too soon lends itself to a snap. Yet the tightness of the schedule, getting the guys back for school on Tuesday, meant that there could be no real downtime to just relax and appreciate the trip.

Of course, what I didn't think about was the resilient nature of teenagers. <g>

After filming the guys sleeping for a bit, Day Three begins with the guys on the upper deck of the houseboat attempting to master a skateboard-like contraption. The night before had seemingly never happened...

"I'm gonna wait for somebody to crash and fall," I told the guys as they circled around.

I continued filming a few seconds more then Kevin's board shot out from underneath him. He didn't fall, but he ended up being in the way of Cole who subsequently went down... then Morris fell off his board in the pile up. <g>

"Oh, that was a major cluster of fall-age," I laughed.

I kept filming the guys as they continued going around and Rhett joined in, replacing Morris.

"Morris gave up. He didn't want any video of him falling down."
"I'm gonna kill myself on one of the them things," he replied.

"You guys all slept ok last night?"

"Did you have visions of cum swallowing dancing in your head?"
"Nope." "Nope." "No." The guys responded in chorus.

"Not even you? You didn't think there was stuff dribbling down your chin the whole night?" I asked Morris.
"Nope... No."

"You blocked it from your... you blocked it from your memory? ... No?"

"Are you gonna go home and
          have some wild sex with girls tonight?"

"Yeah... fuck, yeah," he said enthusiastically.

After I filmed a bit more on the rooftop deck, Ashton and the support team undocked the boat from the beach to go somewhere a little more secluded.

At the new location, with Rhett, Morris, and Kevin sitting on the front roof of the boat, I headed up behind them and said, "Hey, twinks."

Rhett responded, "What up, bear cub?"

The other guys and I laughed. "Bear cub?" Kevin asked curiously.

"He doesn't know the gay lingo," I remarked.

"Yeah, I do."

Indeed, I'd said "twinks" weeks earlier in front of Rhett, and apparently he'd remembered. I remember he'd asked what it meant then, and I explained, and he also asked how someone would describe me. I explained that I was hairy like a bear but not big enough to qualify, hence a "bear cub."

Anyway, after chuckling at that, the guys started asking if they were going cliff jumping again. I, instead, wanted them to play in a giant kids' ball I'd purchased and which they had seen the box of downstairs.

"Well, why don't you guys just get in that giant ball and like roll into the...?"

"Yeah, this would be a good spot to roll off," Kevin concurred.

"Right off of this... Right off of this so the fall smacks into one of the anchors," (which were sticking up off the lower deck's edge) Rhett joked.

"Dude, if you roll off, it's not going to fuckin' hit that," Kevin rebuked.
"You're right," Rhett said sarcastically. "Right here. Do it."

I had only imagined that they would roll from the lower deck into the water, but if they were brave enough to entertain rolling from the top deck, that sounded like it had major potential to be funny to me. <g>

Little did I know, though, just how apprehensive they would be about actually getting into the ball.

After a few minutes of yakking about relatively nothing (but with Rhett getting naked and peeing off the side of the boat), I was still encouraging the guys to get inside the ball.

"I thought you guys were getting in the giant ball."
"Get in the giant ball."
"Somebody get in the ball and roll off," I implored.

Apparently, man spooge and cliff jumping weren't nearly as scary as going into the water in a giant inflatable kids' ball.

"Get in," Rhett told Kevin.
"No, I'm not. You're going, dude."
"I'm not doing it." Rhett threw down the ball and added, "I'm a pussy."
"I can't believe you guys will jump off cliffs, but you won't, like, get in that ball..."
"Cause this could be dangerous," Kevin explained.
"If I got stuck in there... and it just went down."
"It's gonna float, at least for a bit."
"Yeah, it's full of air, dude," Nathan encouraged.

"What if we just push you off the back of the boat so it doesn't, like, have as much impact?"

It wasn't looking good for anyone getting in the giant ball... at least not without some additional motivation, but I couldn't understand all the apprehension so additional motivation was going to have to wait. <g>

The guys, instead, thought perhaps they could convince Cole to give it a shot.

He, in turn, seemed to at least entertain the idea, so the guys kept pushing.

"Cole's good going off this, right?" Kevin said in more of a statement than a question, indicating that he would just roll off the upper deck of the boat into the water below.
"Fuck that." Cole replied.
"You're a vagine."
"You wanna do it?" Cole asked in return.
"After you do it, yeah." <g>

A few seconds later, Kevin suggested rolling it off the slide and that sounded like a great compromise to me. It still had the potential to go tumbling into the water but getting snagged on the lower deck was virtually impossible.

Kevin moved the ball over to the slide... but to know how it ultimately ended up in the water, you've got to watch the video. <g>

I will tell ya, though, that what unfolded after it was in the water kept me cracking up.

"Apparently" the water's really cold in the winter months. <g>

And you can easily imagine how rescuing a fellow straight guy while he floats far, far, away, naked, in a giant inflatable ball lends itself to humor. <G>

Of course, I'm almost forgetting... there's nearly forty-five minutes of video more once we're back in the RV. Something about trying to solidify places in the standing for the quad, I think... three guys together, all of them swallowing cum... then a facial and some finger lickin' goodness even by the guy who's certain he's getting last place.

Yeah, I think that's what happened...

You'll, of course, have to watch the video yourself to make sure. <g>

The End.

Damn. I love my there-ain't-nothing-else-like-SCM-on-the-Internet filming job! <G>


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