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Think Dean will put a dick in his mouth? I know the answer. <g>

When I finished my shoot with Dean, I knew two things: A) I'd had a really fun time, and B) I had to get him back. Of course, those both were immediately apparent, so before he even had a chance to leave, I asked him if he'd be interested in doing a shoot with another guy. "I guess so" was his response.

The next day, I began imagining him with various other guys from the site. There were the obvious choices, but I wanted the shoot to go farther, to push the envelope as far as I could with Dean. That narrowed down the possible candidates: Michael would've been great for a muscular buddy pair, Damon would've been a match for a tall and short, dark and handsome couple, but it was Lucca who fit the "Matt can get away with pretty much whatever comes to his mind" requirement. <G>

So, I called him and he was eager. I returned called Dean, but only got his voicemail. That started the trepidation. On one hand, he didn't seem like the type to change his mind, but on the more promeninent other, I'd had enough experience to know better.

The next day, when he still hadn't called back, I started to worry. He seemed like he'd been ok at the end of his "solo" shoot, but until he was there, ready to shoot the next video, I knew nothing was certain... and then he called. <g>

He was still good to go; he'd just been busy. Whew. So we set up a time after they both finished work a couple days after that, and soon they were both back in front of the camera. <g>

Starting with a mini-interview with Dean, I asked him if he'd thought much about his shoot after he left the last time. He said he did think about it "for a little while" then he just wrote it off and stopped thinking about it. What'd been done had been done. <g>

A minute or so later, I re-iterated that he didn't know much about what was to happen during the shoot. Indeed, like nearly all the multiple guy shoots, I'd only told him about the "hand to hand combat" part; everything beyond that would be bonuses. <G>

Next interviewing Lucca, I caught up with him about the things that had happened in the last six months or so, since the Log Cabin Weekend. But it was when Lucca said, "we could have done, you know, so much more when we were at the log cabin..." that Dean started to realize just what he'd gotten himself into. <G>

I then went on to tell Lucca (and Dean, who was listening) that Dean didn't know why I had picked him to pair up. Lucca laughed back, and when I chuckled through saying that I knew I could get Lucca to go further than the other guys, I panned the camera over to Dean to get his reaction. It was a playful panic/"what have I gotten myself into" face and it was too cute. <G>

Soon, they were undressing each other, and Dean's body and pecs in particular had me drooling. I laughed when Lucca said he wore size 13 shoes, telling him that he'd probably increased his shoe size since when we'd first started filming. <g>

My total smart-assedness came out, too, when I busted Dean's balls while he was taking off Lucca's pants:

Oh, who you kidding?
          You do this every day.
- Me
To myself, right. - Dean
Well, isn't that lookin' like in a mirror? - Me
Uh... - Dean
When I was seventeen, yeah! - Lucca

Soon, underwear was off too.

In the shower, the two of them coordinated the temperature then got on in.

"Is he having too much fun?" Lucca asked.

"Oh look! He's assuming the prison pose. That's Lucca's standard." I soon retorted.

Dean was doing a great job.
I had to say, "You are doing a most excellent job. You really want to earn that money today."
"That's what I was thinking." - Lucca

Yes, boys and girls, Lucca said that he thought Dean was doing an above and beyond the call of duty job! You can only imagine where it's headed with this start... or, well, you could watch the video and know for sure. <G>

Butt washing, dick washing, front side washing, the guys were having no issues touching each other in the shower. "Wow. You guys make my job so easy today. Usually I'm all like, 'come on, do this, do that.'"

"You are a personal trainer, aren't ya?"

"I think Lucca's ball washing technique is gonna win the prize."
"Oh shit..."
- Dean

"What a picture."

And then, the guys began the fun and games, almost completely, totally, utterly cooperative.

Let's see. What I can tell ya?

We've got whip cream, cherries, and jello. Baby oil, sucking, and face fucking... you'll laugh your ass off and then you won't believe your eyes. <g>

But there ain't no way to find out what all happens except to watch the video... the whole hour and 17 minutes. This ain't no cheesy porn video. This is a full length 77 minute mini-movie.

Oh, and for what it's worth, that part where I said "What a picture", there's over an hour of video after that. We've only just begun...

Now watch the video. You know you want to. <g>

"Well, yeah, I've got like this big, mega, cheesy grin 'cause, I mean, that is like the best shot I have ever seen."
"Does he always say this just to butter us up, or what?"

Damn. I love my jello head bonking (I felt so bad about that) job. <g>

P.S. You do realize you haven't even seen one picture from the bedroom, don't ya? They're in there for more than half an hour. Something has to happen. (So, ok, here's one picture). <G>


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