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DAY 2!!!

They're back... and it's GAME DAY!! <g>

By the time the activities of Day One had finished, it was well after 5AM. Getting up again at 8 was not something I immediately wanted to do... but after laying in bed half awake for a minute or so, I realized the potential opportunity beat a few extra winks without question. I hauled my ass outta bed, strapped the camcorder to my hand, and began my trek around the house.

They were all still asleep.

I knew breakfast was coming and the stores had been closed the night before, so I headed out to pick up some supplies and dragged my still asleep boyfriend along with me. We bought $104 worth of groceries then headed back to the cabin. The guys had all woken up while we were gone.

Soon, Michael was cooking scrambled eggs, Ryan was manning the hash brown potatoes, and Brett was preparing the bacon. Damon was supervising and talking to Lucca, and Jon, well, he was busy smoking. (The guys christened him "Smokey." <g>)

While the food was cooking, I figured a little horseplay was in order. I pantsed Michael then tried, too, to jerk Brett's off. His were tied, and Damon was wearing boxers underneath his. I soon enlisted the help of Brett (who complained at the "favoritism") and once again, Michael's pants were down around his ankles. I cajoled Brett into getting Ryan, too, and then Jon got Brett. I had Damon then get Jon, and pretty soon, almost everyone had been gotten. <g> Of course, they complained about having to do it, but every single one of them was smiling when it happened. <G>

When all the pantsing was done, everybody sat around the breakfast table. Michael talked about the fat girls at the bar they met the night before, and I started inquiring about the specifics of the life of straight guys. Lucca responded with a story about a broad fifty years older than him he met on a cruise and the interesting way she had to show appreciation. The guys laughed and Brett asked, "That's the life of a straight man?"

"Did she let you take off her Depends,
       or did she take 'em off for you?" - Brett
"She was pretty hot dude." - Lucca
"Yeah, she was real hot." - Michael

The way Michael said that, it cracked us up.

And shortly after breakfast, the games began.
But... pictures probably work better than words for that. <G>

Well, maybe a few words, like when Michael said, "Get that hawg away from me!" and "Ah. Fuck! Don't you fall fucking backwards!" <g>

When he followed a little later with "If my mom ever sees this, I'm gonna kill everyone in this room!" I roared out laughing. <G>

Soon, the competition was over and the winner (who you'll only know if you watch the video) continued conversation with the other guys while standing in front of them naked. -- I thought it was interesting that he didn't immediately grab his clothes, but hey, I wasn't going to complain.

Next, I grabbed the camera and shot some photos for a little game I wanted to create.

And then, of course, what kind of weekend would it be if I let six straight guys just play Naked Twister? I mean, shouldn't there be some cum shots. <G>

How about six guys and six cumshots?

How about six guys and six cumshots in one location?

How about six guys, six cumshots, one location, AND a split second of stroking the guy next to you?

How about six guys, six cumshots, one location, a split second of stroking the guy next to you with MICHAEL and RYAN touching their first other guy's dicks EVER?

That might happen. <G>

Maybe. <G>

Damn. I love my laugh-and-spooge filled job.

P.S. There are still 3 more tapes to be edited, as this update finishes with late Saturday afternoon. Wonder what other trouble we can find? (There's only one way to know. - <g>)


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