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The chemistry between Sonny & Caleb is awesome. <g>

Figuring out which guys would go to Hawaii required a bit of planning... and a bit of last minute squeezing. While Dean's place in the shoot was a given, a newcomer like Sonny was a bit more of a gamble. Before investing the time, energy, and money in flying him to the island with the rest of us, I needed to do a test shoot. Of course, with the anniversary video needing to come out on the anniversary, there wasn't enough time to release Sonny's first non-solo video before Hawaii debuted... but it's here now and all I can say is "damn."

Well, perhaps that's not all I can say, but you know what I mean. <g>

When Sonny got to the office, he read over the paperwork about becoming an exclusive model then busted my balls extensively about it. By the time he'd signed the form and the camera started recording, I was already frazzled. I don't pull punches with the guys, nor with anyone for that matter, so having to "defend" myself had me a bit on edge.

So, that said, I started talking to Sonny on camera and confirmed that he knew vaguely what he was getting himself into. Even though I'd specifically told him not to look at the site beforehand, he, of course, had. "But you're still here?"

"I'm very confident about my sexuality," he replied.

"Everybody knows your straight," I reminded him.

"The appeal part of it is that you ARE straight," making sure that he knew even though he was going to be doing somewhat "gay" things, everyone knew he played for the other team.

Talking to Caleb a bit thereafter, I remembered how I'd heard the story of Caleb and Sonny hanging out together, literally. They'd met each other a week or two earlier at a BoySeeksGirl™ webcam shoot and were just hanging out friendly-wise when horniness overtook them.

Having already seen each other naked (and having had a few drinks), they didn't think it was a big deal to pop in a porn and jerk off in front of each other... then Caleb's girlfriend walked in to find Sonny buck naked spanking it on the couch. Needless to say, Caleb had a bit of explaining to do. <g> It's a pretty funny tale, but it's much better hearing them tell it.

Indeed, Sonny and Caleb just took the interview by the horns and ran with it: I barely spoke. Once the story about getting caught by Caleb's girlfriend was done, Sonny went on to talk about watching porn with his ex-wife. Thinking about his ex-wife and his car, he continued speaking and said... well, suffice it to say that I interjected, "don't say that on video!" Of course, I left it in the video, so if you wanna know, you just gotta watch: he didn't care. <g>

And the whole time Sonny's talking about his car and his ex-wife and being all serious, Caleb's mugging for the camera like a teenager behind a newscaster. It was too adorably cute. <g>

Indeed, the chemistry between Caleb and Sonny was awesome. "You guys, too like, are great. Uh... it's very cool." <g>

Pretty soon, it was time to move on to the first activity; undressing one another.

Sonny immediately stood up and Caleb began taking off his shirt.

"So when's the last time a guy undressed you?"
"Fuck... never."

Off came the shoes... then down slid Sonny's blue jeans.


Then the underwear.

Sonny buck naked in front of Caleb, he began to return the favor.

Off came Caleb's t-shirt... then down slid Caleb's pants.

Next followed Caleb's boxers... two naked straight men. <g>

But the guys didn't stay naked for long. I had them put white underwear back on. I'd planned on them being tighty whities, but I should've paid more attention at the store because I purchased white boxers briefs instead. Oh well... <g>

"You have to see how long you can hold the other one," I explained of the contest to come. Indeed, the contest was to hold the other guy in a bride-over-the-threshold pose for the longest amount of time. Up first, Caleb holding Sonny.

That complete, Sonny held Caleb... and I kept the competition interesting by firing a squirt gun.

With the physical "manly" portion of the competition complete and the winner revealed, we moved on to a test of mental "gayness." <g>

I thought it'd be interesting to see if the prospect of money would get the guys to reveal that they knew things that most heterosexual guys wouldn't admit to knowing. Almost needless to say, I was fooling myself into thinking straight guys actually do know the lyrics to Gloria Gaynor songs. <G>

"The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas starred ________?"

They did, though, look incredibly cute in their blue compact swimsuits, the generic term for which still eludes me. <g>

I did some close up checks, too.
And, well, they say a picture's worth a thousand words, right?

If that's the case, here's a 5,000 word essay on what happened after we moved out of the main room:

But, ya know, those are only pictures. Trying to contain what transpires in a few words and screen captures is as muted as saying the lyrics to "I Will Survive" without singing them, and similarly as difficult. <g>

Watch the video. The boys will surprise ya. They floored me.

Damn. I love my nut-on-the-face job! <G>


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