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Seven straight guys start out on the open sea... <g>

After being at the helm of SCM for seven years now, I've come to plan on a few things, to expect a few others, and to watch in amazement how things continue to develop. This past year has been amazing, and I've really come to enjoy and appreciate the new guys.

Rhett may be the poster child for irresponsibility on the surface, but he's consistently been there when needed. Kevin's got his mixed martial arts wrestler persona going on for the ladies, but I've seen the softer side and been his support when he's cried. Erik, who you're just now getting to know a bit, is the most agreeable person I think I've ever encountered, and Max, making his man-on-man debut with this video, is a good ole Kentucky boy to the core. All in all, it's a great group, and having dealt with some egos that got out of control with prior models, I very much appreciate the new guys.

So, wanting to show them my appreciation in a very tangible form, I decided a trip to Hawaii was in order... and I wanted to make it unlike anything we'd done before.

To start, it would be the largest prize in SCM's history ... $40,000.00!

To continue, we would add guys who'd never done anything with another guy.

And this time, I would take myself out of deciding who got what...

This time, you will decide how the prize gets divvied up.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself...

Starting in the ocean off Hawaii, the guys are circling my boat...

"So you guys come here to the middle of the ocean... often?" I ask tongue-in-cheek.

"Of course," Lane replies.

"You better believe it," Rhett adds in, too.

"So, uh, why don't you guys drop your pants and then circle around again?" I say a few seconds later with my amazing bedside manner.

Then, almost like I'm the director or something, the guys get naked and circle the boat. <g>

"So why don't you guys come over and, uh, dock up with us," I tell them as I try holding the camera steady against the rocking motion of the waves.

"Alright," Kevin replies.

A couple minutes later, the guys pull next to the second boat where I was standing.

"That's a buttload of manflesh in that boat over there," I said as I realized seven naked guys were standing in front of me on the open ocean.

"Which one? I want to go to it," Kevin joked back.

"You're on it," I laughed. <g>

"So when are we gonna do some gay porn?" Lane asked.

"Nobody's even met you, eh, yet, so we gotta introduce everybody."

Lane, who'd only come in two weeks prior, is Kevin's roommate and best friend, so he was well aware what was to go down.

"I want you guys to, like, line up in order of oldest to youn... so Rhett's on the end as the one with the most experience."

I had the guys line up from most experienced to least experienced, with Rhett standing on the far left and Killian standing on the far right with his brother Grayson next to him.

Rhett, Kevin, Erik, Max, Lane, Grayson, and Killian. I introduced them.

"So yeah, what I figured out... what we're gonna start out on, uh, since you guys are the three experienced ones on the, on the end..."

"Oh, of course, we're gonna do something together, huh?" Kevin interjected.

"No, actually, you're each gonna get to pick one new guy to initiate."

"Wait. What do you mean 'initiate'? like 'penetrate'?" Lane asked.

"No, no. You gotta start easy," I reassured him through a chuckle. <g>

Erik made his choice of Lane then Rhett said "Kentucky" and pointed to Max.

"I'll take Kentucky," Kevin said loudly not hearing what the other guys had been saying.

"Wait, wait. Rhett gets to pick first 'cause he's... they're fighting over you Kentucky boy."

Rhett again picked Max.

Kevin picked Killian.

And Erik picked Lane.

Grayson and his very low hanging balls were the odd guys out.

Then I remembered I hadn't yet told the guys the twist...

"This time, I'm not deciding who gets paid what. The members are."

"Do you mean the members like who download on your website and shit like that?" Grayson asked a little later.

I confirmed and continued explaining how it would work.

"I love my fans, by the way. I love my fans," Kevin quickly ass kissed. <g>

"I don't have any fans yet, but I'm sure you'll love what I'm going to give you," Grayson followed up in the biggest irony of the shoot (for reasons which will become obvious).

I explained the voting concept a little more then turned off the camera to explain everything to the guys in detail.


In short, each member will receive 100 shares to divide how he or she chooses for each episode. Each episode is worth $10,000.00 to the guys, and there are four episodes total.

So, if only one member votes for this first episode (Tropical Retreat : Day One), he controls the entire $10,000.00. If ten members votes, they each control $1,000.00. If a thousand members vote, they each control $10.00, and so forth. Each member can divide his 100 shares however he chooses: 100% to one guy, 5% to one guy and 95% to another, 20% each to 5 guys and none to the rest, and so on.

For two weeks after each episode completely debuts (Day One is in three parts), members can vote and change their votes if they desire. At the end of the two weeks, the votes are locked into place and the money is distributed to the guys.

So, in a very concrete way, who you prefer will know it... if you're a member.


After the voting process was thoroughly explained to the guys (and after ducking for cover when another boat came too close), the guys stripped off their shorts again and jumped into the water.

They horseplayed for a few minutes in the open ocean then... well...

Fast forward to a tropical cabin with frogs and crickets chirping outside. <g>

It was time for Rhett to initiate Max.

"This is Max's first man-on-man shoot," I told Rhett.

"Have you ever kissed a guy before?" I asked Max.


"Like not even, like, a party dare... or nothing?"

"Never... nothing."

That was all about to change...

Rhett swooped in to make mouth to mouth contact, and I watched.

When it was all done, I was utterly amazed.

"Wow... that was like the best first time I think I have like ever seen," I told them after Max shot his manload into Rhett's mouth then had his ass covered in Rhett's jizz a few seconds later.

And there are still two first times to go.

Damn. I love my you've got to see that Kentucky boy's first time with a guy job!

Part 2

Shortly after Max and Rhett finished up, it was time for Kevin to show Killian how it's done.

"OK, so it's later the same night as we saw Max and Rhett..."

"First the worst. Second the best,"
Kevin responded
confidently. <g>

I continued talking to the guys then asked Killian, "so what's going through your head? Like, you know, like you're going from like 'hey I've done nothing' to like 'hey I'm gonna have some man-on-man action...'"

"What's not going through my head?" Killian replied.

"You know he's gonna lead the show," I encouraged.

And then, well, it was time to take each other's clothes off.

Twenty minutes later, Kevin had shot his man load on Killian's chest, and thereafter, Killian returned the favor with a man load to Kevin's mouth.

And there was still one more pairing to go.

Damn. I love my Kevin's ass is so fine it's almost trance inducing job! <g>

Part 2

A transpacific flight the day before and a trip around the big island earlier in the day to our tropical retreat had left everyone tired. When Kevin was initating Killian, a downpour of rain outside the cabin was a hynotic end to most everyone's day: even the two Bait & Tackle employees who were helping me fell asleep.

Erik and Lane, who were waiting their turn, had remained awake, but I knew things would go much better if we waited until the next morning. – Getting soaked by torrential rain isn't normally the best start to a little one-on-one action. – I just told them to go to bed, and they happily complied.

The next morning, Erik would show Lane what to do.

"OK, so you guys are the third of the pairings. We've got Erik here, who's got a little experience but you're the least experienced of the experienced."

I then motioned to Lane, "and you're actually least experienced of the least experienced."

Lane didn't seem nervous, and the planning they were doing beforehand to be better than the other guys seemed pretty intense.

"So you never... have you kissed a guy before? Like at a party, a dare, nothing stupid, nothing?"

"Not really."

"'Not really' What's that mean? 'just sort of'?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I don't really remember."

"Oh, ok."

"I know I like I got kissed on the cheek and stuff."

"No, I mean, full mouth/tongue, you know?"


"Okay, and you never grabbed a weiner before?"


We talked a bit longer then I told the guys to do just their thing.

By the time they were done, Lane could no longer answer "no" to either of those questions I'd asked.

He also couldn't answer no to:

  • "Have you ever sucked a guy's dick?"
  • "Have you ever rimmed a guy?"
  • "Have you ever nutted in another guy's mouth?" or
  • "Has a guy ever nutted on your ass?"

Wow. Wow. Wow. It's jaw dropping what $10,000 will do. Let the voting begin!

Damn! I love my it's amazing how quickly the new guys have gone for it job!


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