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Naked in the car, naked cowboy strippers, and more. <g>

A few weeks ago, I was pulling into my local grocery store's parking lot when I noticed the guy in the truck in front me wasn't wearing a shirt. He was cute with a military buzz cut and he had a Marines sticker on his back windshield. When he turned into the space and shut off his truck, he put a t-shirt on then hopped outta the cab. It got me thinking...

A few days later, I had a shoot scheduled with Dean and Brett. Together, I knew they would be quite the power couple, but I wanted something more. I wanted to push their boundaries together, as I'd done to each separately, and to start the shoot with something pretty darn goofily fun. The ultimate idea to accomplish that: both Brett and Dean riding down the road buck naked in the back seat of my car! <g>

It made no sense to start at the apartment then drive somewhere to get naked then return (not that driving around naked made a lot of sense in the traditional sense anyway <g>), so I wanted to start somewhere outdoors then get naked while driving to the office. I wanted, too, to push the guys just a bit more and almost get caught. A big part of the thrill of being naked outdoors is the fact that someone may see ya, after all. So I devised a plan.

We'd throw a frisbee around for a bit outside (fully clothed) then head back to the apartment/office, the guys getting naked along the way, while I drove past houses, past folks on the sidewalk, and next to people in cars on the roadways. <G>

First up, the frisbee throwing. The guys kicked off their shoes (literally) then tossed the disc back and forth.

Dean looked quite cute in his tight white shirt.

And a couple dogs tried to get in on the action with Brett, too. <g>

Then, frisbee throwing complete, I asked the guys if they were ready to head back. That was fine, and we got in the car.

With Dean and Brett sitting in the back seat and my assistant running the camera from the passenger's side, I ran the show from my rearview mirror. It wasn't the most advantageous viewpoint, but I knew I'd see the complete view on video and I knew I'd manage to keep the car on the road no matter what where my assistant might've gotten too distracted had he been the driver! <G>

So, anyway, the four of us headed down the roadways and the stripping began...

First came the outer shorts...

Then the boxers...

Then a few minutes later, the guys were butt naked in the back seat!

We were driving around neighborhoods and even passed a couple guys on a street corner. Dean was pretty non-chalant about it all, but Brett was freaked out a bit. It was fun and funny. With the windows rolled down, too, I knew it had to be a little bit liberating as well. <g>

Then, redressed and safe within their clothes, the guys and I arrived back at the apartment.

It was time for the second item on my list: a cowboy strip tease.

The military boy who was driving the truck hadn't been wearing a cowboy hat, so I can't attribute that to him, but when I passed a boot store some day in the recent past, I knew that that, too, would have to figure into a shoot somewhere. I mean, Hello! Naked COWBOYS! <g>

For Brett, I picked out a blue checkered western shirt and a straw cowboy hat. His reddish hair would go well with the blue I thought, and the straw hat just seemed to fit his personality more than the black one.

For Dean, I'd purchased a red cowboy shirt and a black hat.
A black 10 gallon hat just suited him better.
He was more of a lady killer type. <g>

And, of course, I'd followed up the trip to the boot store with a trip to buy a couple g-strings, too. The closest thing they had at the department store wasn't perfect, but I figured skimpy thong underwear would work fine, too. <g>

And then, the show began.

A few minutes later, it was done and I was sporting I think the hardest erection ever. I mean, ya know, sometimes it happens to me in this job <g>, but the strip shows (especially Dean's) were so freakin' hot... well, I jerked off to it again last night during proofing. Yep, it was that good. <G>

After the show was a quick follow-up on the bunk beds...

AND I'm not even gonna tell ya about what happened in the bedroom.

I will just say that I had Dean and Brett keep their cowboy hats on...
and I'll show ya this:

Watch the video. You'll bust a nut multiple times and send me an e-mail to say thanks for the good time. Nearly 40 minutes of fun and frolic and nut bustin'. <G> - Yes, it's THAT good. <g>

Now watch it already!

Damn. I love my naked cowboy strippers in my face job! <G>


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