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Dean's Butt Spurt Video
Running Time: 17Minutes
Keywords: Straight guy showing off his ass, heterosexual muscle butt, straight man jerking off, straight guys in butt contest

Fourth in the Butt Spurt contest is Dean, though he's certainly not fourth in the rankings. <g>

Indeed, before his video took place, he was super confident that he would win, but he said he didn't want to. With him having a full time job at the loft and the other guys sometimes not lasting more than a few weeks in theirs, he wanted the prize money to go to a guy who needed it more. It was sweet.

Yet as his video came nearer, he changed his tune a bit. "Because they keep pissing their money away. And, you know what, at first, I felt kinda bad for 'em. I was like, alright, these guys are working hard and, you know, trying to save money. Then I go out with them one night..." -- You've got to watch the video to hear the rest. <g>

I don't know myself... in shape of his posterior, Dean certainly has a 10, but Duke and Sonny definitely get a 10 for effort.

So, watch the video and judge for yourself!


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