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A Boston accent, a hairy chest, and hung like a horse! <g>

When I first met Paul, I was expecting something different. He'd told me about his chest hair on the phone, and the goatee, and well, as I've done this for two years now and know how the various packages come, I knew hairier guys tend to be a little chunkier, too. Having asked him about it and gotten a confirmation, that's just what I was expecting. In hindsight, the only thing I can figure now is perhaps the timing of my "So are you a bigger guy?" question right after asking about his pubes led him to think I was talking about, well, "something else", as he said yes and that answer is applicable. <g>

So, anyway, Paul shot his audition and I knew that if he didn't dart for the door, a new star was in the making. We talked for a few minutes after the camera was off, I got him on board the SCM only bandwagon, and he said he'd call me to set up the full solo shoot the next day.

When he returned for it, he was still as fuckin' cute as ever. His adorable irresponsibility, awesome accent, and seeming personality contradictions as the shoot went on (he's a college graduate, reads real books for pleasure, etc.) made him all the more attractive. As the shoot proceeded, my interest level shot up, too.

His sort of cocky, but not belittling of others, vibe had me eating out of his hand. I asked him, "So do girls ever say anything about it... like 'WOW'?" "Yeah, all, tons of them. Yep. Say it's enormous. Some chicks... some of them it hurts, some of them I can't even fuck 'em." His Boston accent wrapped around each sentence and were the boy and I on a first date, I would've been only slightly less doe eyed than I indubitably must've been.

In fact, appearing too doe-eyed was one of the concerns as the shoot continued, as like I sorta said, I knew I had to play my cards right if I hoped to get more than a solo out of him. I tried to play a little more disinterested than normal, certainly more disinterested than I was, but anybody watching the video will see that the interview was one of the most naturally flowing, relaxed ones ever. <g>

As the questions continued, Paul jerked my chain a bit, confirmed that he was only gonna be on SCM, and told me about his first time: his parents let him have girls in his bedroom as a 15 year old.

He had sex last night, too, and when I asked about her being his straight "fuck buddy" equivalent, he said "she's kinda grossing me out a little." "She's grossing you out a little?" "Yeah, a little bit. She ain't the most attractive person..." I had to inquire further. <G>

"We went out that night. Banged her that night."
"Did you buy her dinner?"

The way he said "no" was so adorablly, scampily, cute. Like who the heck would buy a girl like that dinner. Did I mention he's wanna-rip-his-clothes-off cute? <G>

As we kept on talking, I asked him if he'd ever messed around with a guy: he hadn't. As we kept talking, though, the conversation got more interesting. I said, "So you ever seen like another guy naked, like hard?" "Yeah," he responded. His "yeah" was almost as incredulous as his "no" for buying her dinner. Of course, I had to have him explain; his inflection was so "well, of course, I have"... but ya gotta watch the video to find out. <G>

He was forthright with the parts of his body where he likes girls to pay attention, and he seemed to latch onto the idea of outdoor sex. "So I need to arrange some craziness outdoors?" "Shoor!" That accent was killing me! <g>

In the shower, Paul's clothes coming off was a nice sight. Yeah, I'd seen him naked before, but his body remained so utterly manly. The chest hair, the goatee, the hairy forearms; it all wreaked of masculinity... even down to the no nonsense way he got undressed.

Taking a shower, he did his own thing without really paying much attention to me... until...

I told him to thoroughly wash his armpits...

Then I asked if any girls had ever told him that he had low hangers.

I followed to start to say I wanted to get a shot between his legs: he put his right leg up on the side of the shower. Cooperative (heck, helpful) and hung and a great personality and an accent! All I know is that Dean better watch out if Paul sticks around! A new SCM star could definately be in the making! -- Uh, yeah, I'm smitten. <g>

Moving on into the bedroom shortly thereafter, I was finding it hard to contain myself.

On one hand, I was still getting the "I could decide this stuff isn't for me" vibe from Paul, and he, like Ty, could disappear, especially if anything nudged him in that direction. On the other, I really wanted to touch his dick, even if for just a split second.

And then the opportunity presented itself: a white fluffy from the towel was resting on his balls. I had two options. I could A) tell him about it and have him remove it or B) just grab it myself while telling him about it. All in the course of work and getting the right shot, ya know! <g>

Can't tell ya which I did, but it should be pretty obvious. <g>

A few minutes later, after having zoomed and let the camera linger at the base of his balls, where his ass crack met them and where the slightly wet hair remained, I could still think of nothing but touching.

Grabbing, jerking, was out of the question. That would cause him to flee for sure and while desire was strong, I still knew it's better to bend the guys slowly than push too hard and snap them. Desire, logic. It was all conflicting. Finally, I just said, "Hold your dick, so, it like comes, like back like that." as I grabbed it and directed it towards the camera. I couldn't resist... but it was only a split second, but I did it, and it wasn't enough to scare him. It was "directing." <g>

Maybe it did freak him out just a little bit. A bit later when I sensed he was having a tough time getting into the zone, I said I'd leave him alone and let the camera run. Well, I didn't say I was leaving the camera running but I've done this enough to know not to stop it, and I didn't need to point that out. <g>

A few minutes later, Paul had done his thing (just after I came back in the room and grabbed the camera). And I'm still not sure if he'll be back again as he was supposed to come in today but I haven't heard from him all week. BUT there's only ONE way to see him now, and it's quite a sight. Watch the video! <g>

Whoo. That boy is FINE!

Damn. I love my new talent finding job! Double Damn! <G>


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