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Woof and Damn! Can I be in the middle? <G>

We all have our favorites. Some folks like Dean. Some like Trevor. Some prefer Brett, and some have a major thing for Paul. It's no secret, I have a thing for Paul. Of course, it's also no secret that Dean has a body (and an ass <g>) that makes even heterosexual men take notice. Put Paul and Dean together and whaddya get? You'll just have to keep reading and see! <G>

Of course, having said that, while Boston Paul had seemed remarkably comfortable with his "Plus One" shoot, he flaked on the shoot I'd scheduled thereafter. That, combined with his not showing up the first time I scheduled the "Plus One" had me in a tad less than accomodating mood. Not enough, mind you, to tell him to hit the road, but I wasn't gonna go easy on him when he did show. <g>

So, Dean arrived for the shoot and we talked briefly about how Paul was gonna be thrown into the mix without too much of a warm-up. We talked about girlfriends for a bit, too.

"I guess since I'm still with her, I guess that means either I like her.. or I'm just bored." He laughed that off afterwards, saying she's a nice girl, but I know I can relate. <G>

After getting Dean to retell the story of his misadventure co-signing for a loan (and telling them he worked for 2SCM), I harassed him a bit about his "little, slipper, moccasin" shoes, too.

A few minutes later, Paul knocked on the door and I goaded him about flaking three times: "That's bullshit," he laughed back. We debated the merits of his reasons for not showing then moved on to talk about his current girl. <g>

A different girl from the one from before. The other one was a booty call. This one stays around the house a little more.

"Yeah, but are you the only one dating her, or are your roomates gettin...?"
"Noo; they could. I wouldn't care... I wouldn't care if they fuck her. Go ahead."

His incorrigibleness was as cute as ever! <G>

"You still have, like, not really an idea about what's going on today."
"Nah, not at all."

"Don't worry. Dean's been here. He's survived. He's quite popular."
"Dean seems strong minded, though," he replied with a smile.

Then, mini interview with each of the guys over, I had them change into 2SCM baseball jerseys and sit back on the steps.

"The first thing... I figure we're almost gonna have like, almost sorta like, a boys' night out. We've got beer and pizza."

Then the guys kicked off their shoes.

Socks off, too, I asked Paul if he was doing ok.

"Now why don't you guys get rid of your pants..."

In just their shirts and boxers, the guys grabbed a piece of pizza and popped open a couple beers.

"Why don't you guys, uh, actually, head on
      into the tent."
"In the tent?" Dean laughed.
"Get in there?" Paul chuckled as well.

Laughing and saying "I can't even fit in this fuckin' thing," Paul crawled through the tunnel opening. I peeked through the mesh window to see him inside eating his pizza and drinking his beer.

Dean soon followed through the tunnel to the little square area which was the fortress. On his way through, he pulled his boxers down to give a sneak peek of the ass that was to come. <G>

I next crawled in myself, camera in tow, and videotaped the guys as I laid in the tunnel of our little play castle / tent.

An air conditioner and more pizza request later, I began the not-for-kids activities. <g>

First on the list: boxer removal. <g>

Next: a dice game I created: "Shot or Cock."

The goal was for each guy to take his pair of dice and roll the highest total. The guy closest to 12 got his choice: take a shot or lick the other guy's cock. Of course, the winner was going to chose the shot, but there was the option. <g>

They rolled the dice, and well, I'm not gonna say who won, but I will tell ya one of them, just before he took the shot, said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm gonna vomit, but that's ok." Hmm... Irish Boston Boy or Philly Guy... who would've said that? (Heck, which one of them would've said "Ladies and Gentlemen" <G>) And, of course, that means the other one had to lick the cock. <g>

Before long, though, Paul was chugging shots like there was no tomorrow and the guys were wanting to keep on playing. Five rounds later, it was time to move on... and Boston Paul had been loosened up considerably thanks to the "spirits." <g>

Of course, wouldn't ya know it? This is about the time my memory starts getting fuzzy... Damn it! <g>

And this time, more than forty-five commercial free minutes follow in the SCM film entitled "Paul and Dean." As one of my friends said the other day, each of your videos is like a movie. Indeed, this one is seventy-one minutes long... and the Shot or Cock game finished at only 23 minutes in. That means there's forty-eight minutes to go...

Forty-eight minutes and no commercials. What could happen... <g>

Let's see if I can remember... <G>

There's tub fun:

"Martha Stewart always said to clean the ass," chimed Paul.
"Oh yeah, for sure, I saw that one the other day... She gave lessons!" I retorted.

Bedroom fun:

And the hottest straight guy French kiss you have fuckin' EVER seen!

I mean, it took you less than a minute to read that and look at the picts. Watch the video. All 71 minutes, and enjoy it! You know you want to! <G>

Damn. I love my straight guys FRENCH KISSING job! <g>

P.S. In hindsight, it really was 30 seconds the first time. <G>


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